• June 2010
Compozil Fx Retention programme at PM-4 of Khanna Paper Mills, Amritsar, Punjab, India.
Nano particle retention programme (3 component retention programme with Cationic polymer, Anionic polymer and Silica sol) from Eka/Arjun Chemicals was successfully established in the 100% DIP furnish Writing and Printing machine at Khanna Paper Mills. The machine PM4 is a Voith M/C, running with 840mpm speed. It has a top former and Speedsizer and produces 350 tpd of W&P paper. Good Fibre & Filler retentions with better Runnability of the machine was achieved, despite maintaining higher average ash content of 22-25% (100% GCC) in the paper, there by achieving an overall 2 - 3% increase in Productivity.

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