Paper Machine Chemicals


Spray Starch


Emes-EH, Emes-TEH

Is an esterified potato starch which can be used in the wet end by means of spraying to increase the strength and ply bond in case of boards



    • Spray starches are used to impart z-directional strength to the paper.
    • It helps in reducing the delamination of the plys of the board.
    • These are applied on the paper machine wire through the spray bars while the web is formed.
    • Used for improving the Ply bond of the board.
    • In special cases it is used for improving the Z-directional strength or to reduce the de lamination tendency  between plys.
    • The gel temperature is a very important factor for the performance of the starch.
    • The stability and the settling rate are the other factors decides the trouble free operation in using this starch.
    • By using this starch the spring-back tendency of the board improves.This is a important parameter requirement in Cigarette board.





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