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Dosing Skid

Dosing Skid Our chemical feed systems are an important part of our chemical supply and applications package. We work closely with you to design safe, reliable and user-friendly chemical feed systems to meet your specific needs. These can be locally controlled or linked to your mill's DCS for remote monitoring and control, and our equipment expertise would ensure optimisation of dose points, pumping rates and control strategies. Our team of professionals would work closely with you to select the most appropriate equipment systems and products to meet your specific needs.

Equipment for preparation and dosing of
ASA sizing agent

Preparation of sizing agent is based on continuous emulsion of ASA concentrate in a protective colloid. This equipment is based on creation of emulsion type "oil in water“, where one component is ASA concentrate (commercial product) and the other component can be solution of cationic starch or a polymer.

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Starch Jet Cooker conception :
  • Integrated compact unit (all cooker parts integrated in a carrying frame)
  • Cookers with or without subsequent storage tank
  • Cooker controlled by single-purpose programmable relay
  • Cooker controlled by CPU and touch LCD panel
  • Option: visualisation in paper machine DCS or on dedicated PC station located in PM operation room