Wet end Chemicals


Refining Enzymes


Refining enzyme (Dynazyme-R) is a liquid cellulase/hemicellulase preparation that will selectively hydrolyse wood cellulose hemicellulose to lower molecular weight polymers under proper processing conditions.


  1. Enhances restores fiber strength, reduces refining energy requirements, and increases inter-fiber bonding through fibrillation while increasing drainage rates and avoiding fiber breaking. All these effects in conjunction dramatically improve the liner and kraft paper manufacturing process.
  2. Enhances the drainage rates of recycled fibers by a selective and partial hydrolysis of fine particles.
  3. Disperses stickies and other contaminants improving paper quality.


Starches with different nitrogen content are available for different purposes.


  1. These starches are having high bonded nitrogen content (90-95%) which helps in higher starch adsorption on to the fiber
  2. Normally,the Cationic starch is being used for improving the dry strength of paper.
  3. The bounded nitrogen content decides the performance  of the cationic starch.
  4. It also helps in improving the filler and fibre retention.
  5. In the internal sizing system, starch has got the synergetic effect with AKD in its performance.
  6. Reduces the linting problem by improving the filler& fines fixation through better internal bonding .
  7. The Cationic starch is used in the AKD and ASA emulsification process.
  8. Potato based cationic starches by nature are Amphoteric due to the Bounded phosphate group available in the starch molecule.
  9. The performance of Potato starch is better due to its high viscosity,stability and surface strength.
  10. The Tapioca starch is coming closer to that of Potato starch in properties and performance.
  11. Improves the stiffness of the paper/paper board.
Dry Strength Resin (DSR)


Dynastrength-C : is a cationic poly acrylamide polymer.

Dynastrength-AC : is a amphoteric poly acrylamide polymer.

Note: On request we can provide Dynastrength-A which is an anionic polyacrylamide polymer.


  1. DSR is basically used to impart the strength to the paper
  2. As it improves the strength, the costly imported pulp can be reduced thus reducing cost
  3.  Improved machine runnability due to better drainage, lower steam demand.
  4.  Increased filler loading
  5.  Balances system charge
Sizing Chemicals


•Sizing chemicals are used to impart water repellency to the paper. These chemicals are classified into acidic, neutral and alkaline based on their effective working pH range.


Acidic sizing –Dynasize -used between pH 4.5 – 6 ph

Neutral sizing-Composize-used between pH 5.5-6.5

Alkaline sizing-AKD-used between pH 7-8.5

   - ASA-used between pH 6-8.5

Retention Chemicals


Flocculant- Dynafloc

Improve the retention of fiber filler and fines thereby improving drainage on the paper machine.

Coagulant- Dynacoag

Is an anionic trash catcher (ATC) which is used for balancing the charge of the system.

Drainage aid - Dynasilisol;

Which helps in the fixing of fines thereby improving the ash retention as well as the drainage property by means of bridging of nanofines.


Application :

    1. Improves formation
    2. Improves quality of paper
    3. Improves strength
    4. Improves drainage
    5. Improves production
    6. Helps in closing water loop


  • Used to control the microbiological growth in the system.
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduction in quality and runnability problems
  • Related to slime outbreak
  • Reduced odor problems
  • Prevention from shower nozzle plugging
  • Production of premium grade of papers/boards, food grades, LPB, Mould proof
Stickies Control


  • Used to control the stickies in the system.
  • Improve the runnability
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improved quality
  • Increased production






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